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Monthly Archives: June, 2005

Counting Down

OH MY GOODNESS, I am so dense sometimes.I didn’t put two and two together until I was telling Becky and Lisa who we were hosting…and it IS James and Johanna!!! Ash, you’re on it. This is just SO funny.
Anyhow, that’s all I have for now, so maybe an edit/update later…
Okay, so you wanna know [...]


New layout and no, I didn’t make it. I’m going to make one similar, though, so don’t yell at me for bugging anyone’s eyes!!
I haven’t really updated in so long, and life is actually… happening! I am officially a high school graduate now… it’s all on paper and I just spent thirteen years of my [...]

Growing Up

I’m beginning to learn that growing up can really be tough. You’re a kid and everything is so simple… you love your parents, your parents love you, and the biggest trial in your life is that you can’t go out and play as long as you really want to. And then you get to be [...]

I had all the words in the world

Good news! Mom’s not going to make me finish every single day of school I have left. As she put it, seniors spend their last few days of high school doing finals, having half days, and rehearsing for the graduation ceremony. Which I’m not doing… so she’s letting me graduate a few days early. So [...]