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Monthly Archives: July, 2005

Enough worries, thanks!

Pictures! I finally got into the scanner and got some pictures from camp scanned. You can find them here:
And I got one comment. Thanks Joel! I don’t think a lot of you realize that anyone can post a comment, even and especially if you don’t have an account here. Nahh, I think just a [...]

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Okay, alright… the LONG AWAITED Camp Yeshua photo post. Took me this long to get a chunk of time where I wasn’t doing anything and neither was Mom’s scanner or computer area. And I apoligize for poor image quality, her scanner’s not the greatest sometimes.
And I apoligize for my bad looks, as well.
A tender [...]

Just another update, I suppose

I got information back from Housing, finally! I’ll be in West Hall, B16. It’s in the B hall, which is Lauren’s hall, but they split the B-hall in half, so she’s not the one in charge of the part of the hall I’m in. However, when I went up to visit Lauren when I spent [...]

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Okay, one of those deeper posts. You have been warned. But I swear this one is important, so read it.
Right now, I feel like… well, like life is a series. Like the narnia
series, or the baby sitter’s club series (haha, I used to love
those…). Lots of times in life we end a chapter and start [...]

“Butterfly” by Nicole C. Mullen

Yeah, see the layout? It was inspired by a song I’ve been listening to recently, and I’d like to share the lyrics with you. But before I say it, I’d like to share something a close friend of mine shared with me in a letter just yesterday. She was saying about how everyone has this [...]