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Monthly Archives: August, 2005


Lord, sort through this mess of fabric scraps on my bedroom floor. I can’t see what matches what and how to put it all together, but You know. You see the beautiful product in this mess on the floor. All I see is one disaster on top of another, but you see something wonderful. Help [...]

I got spamitized!

Seriously, all of us have hit the “new post” button on one site or another, and then you end up staring at a blank box trying to figure out what it was you wanted to say in the first place.
So I’ll give you the boring style rundown.
Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake up really early [...]

Chastised by my Abba again

I’ve been really feeling pretty horrible about myself lately… huge self-esteem issues and just… generally hating myself. A lot of us get that way sometimes, at least I hope I’m not the only one. Anyhow, I had my radio on last night, and these two songs came on, one right after another. And I”m glad [...]


And so I changed the site around a bit. Went with something more default instead of my butterflies and green swirlies and such. Yes, it’s boring now, but who cares what it looks like? It’s what’s inside that counts.
If only people could think that way about other people.
What have I been up to? Well… keeping [...]

Shame on me!

I must admit, I have been a total and complete jerk to my friends the last couple of days. I’ve been completely self-centered, most of the time only thinking about myself. Feeling sorry for myself.
It has been a tough week because of not getting to go to college after all, and being totally up in [...]