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Monthly Archives: September, 2005

Slight Case of Boredom

Okay, so I’m addicted. I love this thing. This leaves xanga in the dust.
Anyhow! Did a whole lot of not much today… but that’s how Thursdays generally go. I think I need to get some school books out or something, graduate or not a graduate, because this constant feeling of WAITING is driving me up [...]


It’s funny how just a “no, I’m not mad at you” will take a huge weight off of your shoulders and make it much easier to sleep!!
I actually had a really interesting dream last night. It started out pretty normally, like I was just doing something with the kids outside. I think the kids were [...]

Holy wow! Finally, what I’ve wanted to do for SO long! So I took a couple of dollars from my trust fund and got myself a domain. I think it’s well worth it, most definitely!!
So if I can work out all of the little quirks with the system, Camp Yeshua Forums will be hosted here, [...]

That’s all I have to say.
Au revoir!


Do people read and just don’t comment? Or am I really talking to nobody (now that Joel’s at Sukkot, haha)?
edit: Okay, so the template I was using was screwy and the comments didn’t work. I’m still not convinced anyone’s reading!
Anyhow. Still not sure on what I can and cannot say, and so I’ll hold off [...]