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Monthly Archives: October, 2005

I’m going to cry.

This is so frustrating, trying to find scholarships. This is why I gave up last semester and look where it’s gotten me. Nowhere.
I’m stuck in scholarship limbo. I graduated last spring, so I can’t apply for any scholarships targeted at high school seniors. I’m enrolled in college, so I can check the “undergraduate” box on [...]


I had quite a mind-boggling dream last night. It took place in Ann’s classroom… it was Ann, Becky, Lisa, Jynnika, Jessyca and I… and we were practicing “The Watchman” (opening night dance from Chandler Sukkot last week). Strange because there was six of us and there’s only five in the main section of the dance. [...]

Who else likes to burn things?

It’s all Becky’s fault, it really is. Around Yom Kippur, she decided that she was going to burn all of her old journals because she didn’t want to read them any more. And of course, I thought why?? I keep mine around because then I am sure that I remember the stupid mistakes I’ve made [...]

Back to daily life

Daily life is a good thing, honest. Sukkot is awesome and all, but it’s also very good to be back at home in your own bed, back to your own routine.
Almost, anyhow. I have to get a job, like, NOW, and I have to get my car insured and down here somehow, and I need [...]

More Sukkot

Sukkot is drawing to a close…
We’re technically “leaving” tomorrow afternoon sometime and going back home, but tonight and last night were spent at home because of how cold it got. We’re on, like, the side of the lake that gets all of the wind, we have lots of trees and therefore get no [...]