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Monthly Archives: November, 2005

New College Plans?

Boy, I’m getting sick of changing plans every semester or so! Phooey on change.
Anyhow. Oklahoma Baptist U. (here in Shawnee) apparently has more scholarship money than they know what to do with, and over ninety percent of the students barely pay for anything at all.
Financially, there’s no way I can go to college full time [...]

Paint… finally.

My hands are covered in paint. I have paint on my arms, on my pants, on my face and… yep, a little in my hair too. Paint parties? A blast.
We’re nowhere near done, but we have enough done that I can go down during the week and work on painting. And I LOVE MY ROOM. [...]

A Car Would Be Awesome, Thanks.

What an awesome possible turn of events.
So. My mom has the mini-van, right? And my dad has his car… a little red Mazda? I’m car inept, give me a break. Well, Dad might be getting a promotion, and if so, he would need a pickup.
A guy in our congregation has a Range Rover that just [...]


Stuff on the house is going quickly, thank goodness. I’m so excited; I wanted to move in yesterday, if you know what I mean. The old kitchen floor has been torn up, and the entire kitchen is painted. This week we’re going to paint the rest. Want to see what colors I’ve (finally) chosen for [...]


I’m going through blogging withdrawal. BUT! Look at the site! Haha, I won’t claim that it looks cool, but at least this time it’s my own design. Just a little something different. Coolest part? You can drag the navigation box anywhere you’d like…
And now here’s the exciting part… I’m moving!
Now calm down. I’m not moving [...]