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Monthly Archives: January, 2006

According to Jessyca…

I’m neglecting my ‘fans’. Am I neglecting fans? It’s because life tends to be crazy in all of the wrong ways.
Quick rundown.
I may be going to Israel in 2007, but reality has hit and I remembered real life things like college. I’m going to Chelsy’s house this weekend, but I haven’t confirmed it yet with [...]


CYF is back up and online. HOORAY!… it’s now PHPBB and better than ever before. I hope you all re-join, and everyone that never joined… JOIN NOW.
Also, on a sadder note, pray for Jessica Latham. A lot of you probably know her from camp. Her father, Roland, died last night in a car crash. [...]

OOOH. I’m Excited!

Okay, so after submitting seven job applications just today [and most places weren't even hiring], I think most of them were flops. A lot of them, when I asked if they were hiring, just gave me this slightly dazed look and said, “yeah, I suppose so.” And they handed me an application, I guess because [...]


The strangest dreams are not the ones that have vague implications that you can’t quite grasp. The strangest dreams are not the ones that sound more like a drug-induced hallucination. The strangest dreams are the ones that stick with you all day, invading every thought. And the strangest part of these dreams is that you [...]

A Long Update

Can you believe it? I can’t.
Anyhow, I totally revamped the site. It’s taken me about a week to compile, what with other stuff and general insanity raging around online. For example.
Camp Yeshua Forums. Remember that problem I have been having? No more. Forum gone. It’s so frustrating, and there’s a lot of other problems I’ve [...]