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Monthly Archives: February, 2006

Crazy Day

You know what? I hate it when you have an insanely crazy day, but you don’t feel like divulging certain things about your family online, and so you can’t say much after all? Happens to me an awful lot.
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be available to go check out two different jobs in Shawnee. Goodness, I am [...]

Wordpress Upgrade

Yeah, I put it off long enough… but now I finally braved some scary sounding files (which really were not as scary as I thought they would be) and upgraded my wordpress. It’s wonderful… backstage! And you may notice that it looks totally different, too. I think I got tired of coding for wordpress, so [...]

Gosh, I’m old now!

You know, it never occurred to me until I opened a card from Jessyca and she told me that in another year I would be twenty. My GOSH.
And I have so much to say during the day, but never in the evening!! I need to start writing things down again.
Seasons Past! I finished Chapter Three [...]

“More than Useless”

I feel like, I would like
To be somewhere else doing something that matters
And I’ll admit here, while I sit here
My mind wastes away and my doubts start to gather
Whats the purpose? It feels worthless
So unwanted like I’ve lost all my value
I can’t find it, not in the least bit
and I’m just scared, so scared that [...]

Just not strong enough

Guess what I found today? Le Journal. And I hadn’t written since October 18. Life started happening too fast, it all started getting to chaotic, and I thought that I had gotten strong enough to live without it.
Well, I was about ready to blow today, over the silliest things, and I realized that I can’t [...]