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Monthly Archives: March, 2006

An odd revelation

I had the weirdest thought today.
See, my family is homeschooled. The eighth grader and the second grader can pretty much take care of themselves, as they are able to read the directions in their workbooks. The youngest, however, is just switching from kindergarten to first grade, and is tougher. And, so Mom can help the [...]

Another revamp

Yeah, well, it happens again. I actually played with the PHP instead of working around it this time, and I’m pretty pleased with the results of this theme. And I’m also working on editing all of the static pages and adding some new ones.
Big project of right now is passover dances! I think I forgot [...]

I Really Need to get out of the House More.

Last night, as I disconnected my internet from my computer and opened my door to put the cord by Mom’s computer, like I do every other night, I faintly smelled smoke. I put the cord away and went into the kitchen, where my mom was puttering around.
“I smell something funny,” I said. “Almost like something [...]

Five Things

List five non-material things you wish you had, and then tag three people to do the same!

More faith and a closer relationship with Him. It may sound cliche, but that’s always something I can work on… always something we can ALL work on, right?
The ability to make a living out of web design. And I’m [...]

Sorry, guys!

Yeah, you haven’t seen me around a whole lot lately because I’ve… well, not been on the Internet much in the last week and a half. Not willingly, I assure you.
Still applying for jobs like you wouldn’t believe… I just finished a Walgreen’s application just now, before I came to post. I’ll probably call them [...]