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Monthly Archives: April, 2006

A Race is not Won

…until you take the first step, as they say. Well, I took a step… and I didn’t fall! I got accepted to the Oklahoma Baptist University, and things are looking up! I’ll have to go in and meet with the financial aid people to see what they can do to help me, and I’ll try [...]

Forward Motion

Today I:

Had an interview at the new Holiday Inn over by Walmart. 90 good applications, 27 positions, hiring this evening and tomorrow and I haven’t been called yet. However, I was the last scheduled interview and I didn’t get flustered.
Checked on my application at the library; they haven’t looked through the applications yet but should [...]

Shabbat Shalom!

I’m a happy camper. I have a new theme that I actually like [HECK no I did not code it, it's totally by Beccary], and so it’s going to stay for quite some time.
No services for me last night because of lack of gas money, and so we had shabbat at home. Dad actually went [...]

Narnia = good movie

So, the day that Narnia came out on video, we went and saw it in the theaters. Story of my life, really… wait until something comes to the dollar theater! I don’t mind… it was really good. I mean, I thought they were going to butcher it, but they didn’t, so I was impressed.
A week [...]


Guys, you need to yell at me! I need to get back into this. BIGTIME.
Boring Internet Updates: I took off two of the CYF themes that nobody (not even ME) used, and added another, really pretty one and set it as the default. And I’m working on a subdomain that’s actually going to be a [...]