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Monthly Archives: May, 2006

Send in the Clowns!

I’m quite certain that I’ve neglected to mention that my mother is a clown. No, I’m absolutely serious. She’s not professional, per se, but she has the outfit and the wig and the face paint. She really is a clown. Today we went to a Head Start in Moore for a friend and entertained a [...]

Hold your breath

College may finally be working out.
Seriously, the people at OBU are so much more friendly and helpful than the people up in Edmond at UCO.  I’ve already gotten so much mail from them, have already applied and been accepted, and gotten two phone calls from my “enrollment advisor.” Today, even, I got a little box [...]

Something New

I have a friend who makes music videos, and after months of trying to figure out how it works, I did it! It’s from the movie Newsies, if you’ve ever seen or heard of it (Xan has), and I’m kinda proud of it, as a first attempt. So if you have Windows Media Player, you [...]