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Monthly Archives: June, 2006

Now I’m Ready.

Today we ran up to Walmart to get those last couple things we needed for camp, and then I stopped next door at Payless to get sneakers (the last pair of sneakers I finally threw out last year after three years of Camp Yeshua and a year of blisters). So now I could say that [...]

Okay, it’s kind of sad…

… that the only person who leaves comments now is anonymous, and who leaves longer comments than my posts. I must revolt. After I finish her letter.
Anyhow, I was goofing around online one day in the semi-recent past, and I came across an interesting phenomenon. A lot of people say that there are so-called subliminal [...]

It’s alive… ALIVE!

Yes, I am alive. Seventeen days until camp, and I am most certainly excited. On the twenty-second, Dearma is coming for a few weeks… and then sometime the weekend of camp, James is coming as well. It’s going to be quite the, uh, party.
Anyhow, I updated the site layout for a rather selfish reason. I [...]

Near Misses

Happy Shavuot!! According to our calendar, we celebrated Shavuot today. Since we’ve “officially” left our congregation, we didn’t really want to go to Thunderbird with them. During the summer we go up to Bell Cow Lake in Chandler to go swimming and have a nice afternoon. When we were trying to figure out where to [...]