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Monthly Archives: July, 2006


I went in for my interview today at two, like I told you. I got in there about ten minutes early, but the girl who was interviewing before me was still sitting at the table with the manager, so I went and had a seat in the corner, like another woman told me.
I’d say it [...]

Kitten Follies

Some of you may have heard this and some of you may not have, but about two weeks ago, Tia (my one-year-old cat) had… one kitten. Seriously, we thought she was going to have more than that, but there’s only one. He (or she?) is TOO CUTE. He’s almost two weeks old now, and is [...]

New Theme

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a new theme up! If you’re seeing the black theme still, click here. You can easily change back and forth by going to the themes page.
This weekend was kind of rough, to say the least, but I suppose today was a lot better. I have good friends who [...]

The Official Camp Rundown

Okay, I promised it… I’ve finally gotten most of what I needed to say in my journal, and so I’ll give you the highlights… Meli’s semi-official report on camp. Of course, most of the people who will swing by here were there too… but this is for the rest of you, I guess! Anyhow, towards [...]

Camp was AMAZING.

I mean, seriously, I have about twenty pages in my journal about camp, just from about six thirty on saturday morning on. I can’t even begin to describe it now (of course, limited internet time tonight doesn’t help and emailing camp people is more important, sorry!), but next post I’ll paste some stuff in from [...]