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Monthly Archives: August, 2006

Poor baby!

One of our other cats, Zoe, recently found herself pregnant. If you’ve ever been to my house, you know Zoe as the skinny cat… the pretty calico tiger striped cat… the one with James’ boot sticking out of it’s head… Amazon Kitty.
We didn’t even think she was that far along, until we saw her sitting [...]

Back to my catchphrase!

Some of you know what my catchphrase is. It’s found in the Bible actually.
“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you; do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”
- Song of Songs 8:4
And as much as that’s my “catchphrase” and I keep it in my head as much as possible, I don’t always listen to [...]

Pass this on…

Nothing like going to check your email and having Yahoo tell you that you’ve got one new message! only to have it be a forward from an acquaintance.
Seriously, what is the point of forwarding things? Bill Gates is not going to pay me anything because I forwarded this email. Tacky graphics and huge, colorful “inspirational” [...]

Daily Drabbles

Nothing too exciting to report, per se. I did get promoted from trainee to normal person today at work, completely out of the blue. Doesn’t really mean much except a prettier nametag. I also ended up working at another Braum’s for two hours today, because they needed help during lunch.
I’ve been writing up a storm [...]

Wow, I do get out!

I really have to post more often. Goodness. Mostly, life has been work… I worked pretty solidly all last week, Sunday to Thursday. When I was hired I was told twenty hours a week… but just this past week I was scheduled for about thirty-four hours and ended up working almost thirty-nine. And this is [...]