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Monthly Archives: September, 2006

Curse you, calendar!!

Yeah, so sometimes following the lunar calendar drives me nuts. I mean, as if it wasn’t bad enough that ever since the whole “Abib barley” issue a year and a half ago we’re following two different schedules… now I can’t even get my own dates right in my own head.
Somehow I got my dates mixed [...]

Skidding into the Room…

Yes, I’m here! It’s been quite some time since I posted, especially since I’ve been meaning to do that more. I’ve been so caught up in stuff and projects:

Work (the last two weeks I’ve worked 35 hours a week!)
Mom’s site (
Trying to keep up with friends and maintain normal everyday life

Life’s been mostly good (and [...]

Overrated, methinks.

For the past three years, ever since I made a conscious decision to tithe my teenage years to God and that I didn’t believe in dating anymore, I’ve had a lot of people who are absolutely amazed by my “conviction.” People are convinced that I must be so strong to decide that I won’t date [...]