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Monthly Archives: January, 2007

The Red Blinking Light

Ugh, work was stressful today. I mean, it was one of those all-around bad days. Well, it was fine most of the day. It always gets really bad at two-thirty when the main shifts switch between morning managers and afternoon managers. I swear… if everyone stopped whining about what the other shift didn’t do and [...]

Cell Phone!

Got our cell phones in the mail today… all but mine. It’s complicated, but I’m using Dad’s number until Wednesday or Thursday. But the main point is, I have my cell now!

Upgraded my Wordpress…

Nerd crossing ahead! I upgraded my Wordpress to version 2.1… they released it about a week ago and I’m sickly excited about it. LOL. Nah, I’ve been messing around with it on my own computer and I really like it.
I thought the upgrade was going to be sticky, but I did it in five minutes.
Okay, [...]

Modesty Survey

I’m sure you’ve heard of Josh Harris, the guy that wrote the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” book. His two younger brothers have started a website and forum called The Rebelution. They’ve got this survey, put together by believers (girls, in fact), all about what’s modest and what’s not… and what guys actually consider stumbling blocks. [...]

Virtual garbage bags!

I like to think I’m pretty good with my computer. I mean, with its upkeep and all. I have a top-notch firewall, I have an anti-virus program and two spyware programs. I do disk cleanup every other day and I try and defrag every week. I empty my recycle bin often. I uninstall unnecessary programs [...]