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Monthly Archives: February, 2007

Of Caterpillars and Surprises

Today, at work, I was cleaning up the dining room… washing tables, refilling napkin holders, throwing away stray straw wrappers and coffee cups, and gathering today’s paper from the four corners of the room and setting it back in a neat stack (for the next three old men to come in and redistribute). I just [...]

Back into Coding

I’ve been working on Jessyca’s site for the last couple days, and I’m finally starting to get excited about coding and maintaining a website again. I eventually want to start building my portfolio… because I really see myself possibly taking this on as a career… or at least a side job. I honestly love it. [...]

On Love and Fangirls

For those of you who are girls and about my age, I’m sure that a lot of you had a healthy obsession for a boyband when you were about… oh, eleven? Twelve? Back in the day of the Backstreet Boy or N*Sync, right? Posters on the walls, anyone? CD’s? An unhealthy urge to ogle MTV [...]

Oh good grief!

I’ve been twenty for three days. Three whole days. If I was born on the day I was supposed to, I would be twenty today. Three whole days, and today I get a message in my inbox from my mother. Just a link.
For those of you not in the know, this site is basically [...]

So what’s it like?

What’s it like to be twenty? Feel any older? Feel more mature, more wise, more in-control? Honestly? It feels exactly the same so far. Mostly, it’s just making my parents feel old!
Okay, nerd relapse. I got this book from the library. Wait, wait, let me back up. I have this thing for the “Dummy” books. [...]