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Monthly Archives: March, 2007


Bet you didn’t know my cat was pregnant again, did you? Well, now you know. Ooh, wait! Now she’s not.
Last night, around nine o’clock, she started meowing a lot and rushing the dogs… attacking them for no reason at all. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight and just seemed restless.
By midnight, we had [...]

I can hear it.

Yes, that’s the worst part. It’s not the fact that I’m getting it, it’s the fact that I can hear it and I’m powerless to stop it.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m starting to get an Oklahoma accent.
See, the funny thing is, it’s not even all the time. At home, I have a perfectly normal non-accent. When [...]

No, it really was real!

Ever have one of those dreams that are so real that you really think they happened the next day? I had something life changing happen to me yesterday… no wait, not really, because it turned out to be only a (good) dream after all.

I almost got skunked.

No, really, I did. I was running late for work today, because I hadn’t reset my alarm and it went off an hour late. I then had about fifteen minutes to get up, go to the bathroom, get dressed, get myself presentable, and walk to work in another ten. Oh, and I had promised my [...]

Things I learned as a teenager

No matter how much you like him, the fan club is not an option. Seriously, it’s totally a turnoff. Even the most egotistical boys (which he was not) does not want five pre-teen girls chasing after him.
Just because you could coast through once does not mean you can do it again. I found out in [...]