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Monthly Archives: April, 2007

Internet Copyright

I’m having a bit of a dillema on another site… I won’t go into specifics, because most of you don’t even have an interest in this kind of thing, but recently I created this great layout. I had an idea in my head, and I was looking around at other sites for ways I could [...]

Early In the Morning…

Yeah, it’s currently after midnight, and guess what I’m doing? I’m filling up with Dr. Pepper (really, the only caffienated drink I like because I don’t like coffee) and working on this ringbearer’s pillow. Tomorrow is Nikki’s wedding and I’m now doing the pillow that I pretty much had most of this week to do.
Oh, [...]

New theme, and general webbery

Hey, in case you haven’t seen, that new theme is up! Now before you start fussing, Shawna, the bit of Javascript is just for dragging the sidebar boxes around, and I’m not disabling them because I like them. Like I said, I don’t have the time to design for my blog, and at least half [...]

Silence in the Blogosphere

Lorelle of (whose site I literally stumbled upon yesterday) has brought something really powerful to my attention with her latest post. I can’t do justice to it, so I’ll let you read it yourself.
A few days before Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) in Israel, I was warned that when I heard the air raid [...]

I’ve had an apostrophe.

Good grief, look at me. I’ve been blogging non-stop… and there’s no blogathon in sight!
Got my official wedding invitation from Amanda today. I called her to tell her I got it, but she ended up calling me while I was getting the message from HER phone to leave a voice mail message. Too funny! So… [...]