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Monthly Archives: May, 2007


I’ve been back from Pennsylvania for almost a week.
The trip was great.
Going back to work has me really tired for some reason. I almost think that vacations aren’t good.
Lately, I haven’t really felt like talking to anyone. At least… not initiating any conversations.
I’ve become a little disillusioned in friendships.
But I’m okay.

See? That wasn’t so hard.

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love

Well, that’s what they told me yesterday as I got off the plane, anyhow. Yup, I’m in Pennsylvania now! My first flight, all by my lonesome, and I didn’t get scared or lost once. You all should be so proud of me… you just don’t realize it yet.
I got to Will Rodgers (the Oklahoma City [...]

Searching for a Name

Hey! New theme! That was pretty much for the benefit of the, like, three people who are subscribed through a feedreader. I’m proud of myself just for actually finishing the dang thing. It’s not hard… it’s just finding the time to sit down and do it.
Question: If you could name this theme anything at all, [...]

Please Don’t Let Me Get Stuck in Chicago

Okay, so four days until I leave for PA. Now I’m starting to think about it… and now I’m starting to get scared. Yes, friends, I think I’m afraid of flying! And if it’s not that… I’m afraid of getting lost in O’Hare on the way there and completely missing my connecting flight, and ending [...]

Youtube find: Jar of Dirt

For any of you who particularly enjoyed POTC2… here’s a completely random youtube find. Jack Sparrow can sing!