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Monthly Archives: June, 2007

Those girls

I hate seeing myself in other girls.
My little brother and sister have been at Vacation Bible School all week at a local church that our neighbors go to. Tonight, they had something like a party/open house where all of the parents and siblings could come and eat hot dogs and see what the kids have [...]

Spam, spam, eggs, and spam…

You know what stinks? I’m subscribed to my own comment feed so that I can easily see when I’ve gotten new comments when I check all of the rest of my RSS feeds. The part that stinks, though, is when I see nine comments in one day and automatically know that a spammer caught Akismet [...]


How do you deal with stress?
When I get stressed out, I get angry. I don’t think I noticed it before I started working, and I think it’s changed since I was in school. When I get rushed and stressed, I start biting people’s heads off. It’s just like the beginnings of my southern accent — [...]

Monumental Summer Event

First things first… New Music Monday, which means there’s a new song in my sidebar. Check it out!
Anyhow, I had all this stuff to say, and then I took time to upload the new song and change the files I needed to, and now I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to say! And thus, [...]

Oh, I’ve done it now…

I went to myspace today and did two things. First, I closed my account. Myspace is stupid and pointless, anyway. So if you were my friend, sorry… my account is gone. Gone!
The second thing I did was sign up for a new account. Myspace really is stupid and pointless, but you need it to see, [...]