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Monthly Archives: September, 2007

Headed out!

Tomorrow after work I’m headed down to Sulphur with my family for Sukkot. I only get to spend four out of the eight days with them, but that’s still better than nothing (or worse yet, backyard camping, which is like… being in denial that there’s something better to do).
It’s just us… no big hoopla, just [...]

Paisley-fied (Themery is in the air!)

Seriously, half of the blogs that I read all the time have rolled out a new layout within the last two weeks or so. I’ve been gumming around with ideas for about a month, but couldn’t get anything I really liked. I’d been playing around with a free theme (until it looked completely different, I [...]

Not Ready for that Decision Yet

We’re getting a new district manager at work. I didn’t really have anything against the one we had already, but everyone who’s been there a while is really relieved. I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference in my day-to-day life.
My boss, however, is planning on asking the new DM if it’s possible to lift [...]

Oklahoma Culture

We’ve all seen the ladies who have either plucked out their eyebrows (for whatever insane reason) or had them fall out, only to paint them back on using some form of makeup.
Weird, but acceptable, I guess.
But here in Oklahoma, we not only do that during breakfast (in public, by the way), but we use a [...]

Questions Answered

Thanks to all of you who left me questions, and phooey on those of you who didn’t. Anyhow… here they are. Also, if you still want to leave me questions on the original post, I’ll be glad to answer them for you here.
Bobbi-Lee asked: What do you plan to be/do when you “grow up” [...]