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Monthly Archives: November, 2007


This may be just completely me.
I’ve found a lot in my life that it’s hard to connect to people, more than just a “hi, how are you,” unless you share something that makes you vulnerable. Especially girls. I remember back in middle school that the one point when I felt I really connected with someone, [...]

What I’m Thankful For

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family has a time-honored tradition. Before we start eating, and after we say a prayer, we go around the table and everyone has to say one thing they’re thankful for. It can be anything… from family to a new job to the Care Bear they received earlier that day (that [...]

Deaf or Blind?

I had a dream last night, one of those long and drawn-out weird dreams. I don’t remember much about it, but at one point during the course of this dream, an old man came up to me and asked me this question:
If you were given a choice between one or the other, and could not [...]

Minor Disasters

Today was pretty windy, and part of my job today at work was to change the letters on the sign outside. I do it most Sundays, so it wasn’t a big deal. I’ve done it when it was windy before. Heck, I’ve done it in rain, snow, and 105° weather before. No biggie.
Nope. The wind [...]

Portfolios and Promotions

I spent some time on my portfolio the other day, and I think I’ve got it into something presentable. I’ve only got web design stuff up so far, and the writing I already had, but still, that’s better than nothing!
This stupid site is starting to come together.
In other, non-related news, there’s another possibility for that [...]