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Monthly Archives: January, 2008

Guys, Please Don’t

Where I work, there’s a posse of old men that come in every day (I mean, they’re like clockwork… every day) and sit in the front corner by the windows. Not a big deal in and of itself… pretty harmless. Just a bunch of old friends having breakfast together every day. Not so.
This is an [...]


It occurred to me about halfway home that walking in fifteen degree (windy!) weather while eating ice cream is probably not the best way to keep January colds away. Oops.

Event Horizon

You’ve heard of black holes, right? They’re like… okay, blobs of really dense nothing that sucks in everything around it. Black holes have something called the event horizon, which is the point where something getting close to a black hole has no choice but to get sucked in. I guess up until that point, you [...]

Heath Ledger :(

I’m really not one for celebrity gossip and all that jazz, but I really had to say something about Heath Ledger’s death. He died earlier today, in case any of you hadn’t heard. He was only 28.
I really liked him as an actor… I thought he was pretty cool (well, aside from the Brokeback thing, [...]

Turning Books into Movies

It amazes me how many movies will have a small note somewhere in the credits, “based on the novel by…” It seems that a very good percentage of the best movies started out as books. I can think of a few off the top of my head: Lord of the Rings, the Notebook, Sisterhood of [...]