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Monthly Archives: March, 2008

Possibly Offline

Good news and bad news! Good news first this time (even though I usually like bad news first). I finally got me a new computer desk. Yeah, kinda nerdy sounding, but for someone who spends such a lot of time at her desk…  mine’s kind of ghetto. Okay, it’s two identical end tables with a [...]

I Keep Doing This!!

I know, I know. But I put in at least 45 hours in at work the last two weeks, only getting maybe one day off, worked ten days in a row, and every time I came home, I fell asleep!
Spent a little bit of time tweaking my theme yesterday, but mostly what I did was [...]


A couple of months ago, we found out that my dad’s mother had cancer. Maybe it was longer ago than that. We’re not too close with my dad’s side of the family, and we don’t hear from them as often as we hear from Dearma (Mom’s mom), but still, it is my grandmother. About two [...]

New Theme!

New theme, called Hibiscus. Tell me what you think!
I’ve been working on it for about a month now. There’s still a few kinks to iron out, some pages to tweak and some content to edit, but honestly, I’m pretty happy with it. Probably more happy with my site layout then I’ve been in a long [...]

Not So Cool Anymore

Tomorrow’s Tegan’s birthday (so if you’re in contact with her, tell her happy birthday!), and we’re not really doing too much this year, so I took her and her best friend Leigh roller-skating.
It’s been a while since I’ve been skating (and it’s something I love to do and could probably do it in my sleep). [...]