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Monthly Archives: June, 2008

Before I Die

I got this off Amanda’s blog, actually. She got an ad in the mail that was surprisingly creative; it lists 101 things you should do before you die.
Aside being designed so well you want to gobble it up, it was a pretty cool list. Now, some of the stuff you’d never catch me doing (spend [...]

When I’m Old

Where I work, there are a lot of older customers; I don’t know what it is. They come in for ice cream or they come in for lunch, or just to sit together in the morning over a cup of coffee and the town’s latest gossip. Just like younger people, they’re all kinds. Some are [...]

I Don’t Want No Nuts

There’s this lady who comes in to eat breakfast where I work all of the time. She’s loud, she’s rude, and her and her husband have this bad habit of ordering collosial amounts of food (which they do sit there and eat!) at all the wrong times, like when the cook is on break, or [...]

Welcome to the 21st Century

This year for Father’s day, we got my dad an iPod shuffle… you know, just one of those little, fifty dollar, 1 Gig clip-on things. And of course, it being my dad, we also provided him with lights and tools and other “daddy” toys. Usually, he’s excited by the tools and the gadgets. This year [...]

Retrophobic Release

Well, here it is! is now released to the public. Make sure you add my feed to your friendly neighborhood feed reader, and we’ll have some fun with this!