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Monthly Archives: September, 2008

There are Ghost Towns in the Oceans

Having a little bit of fun with a newer version of Photoshop (yay!), and listening to my new Coldplay CD (I promise, I’m not completely obsessed with Coldplay!), I came up with this little manipulation. It’s not much, not very polished, but I like the look of it.

The lyrics, by the way, are from Cemetaries [...]

Best of August 2008

I’ve noticed this as a recent trend that really seems to go along with the whole web 2.0 social thing, and that’s the “link roundup” or “best of” posts. I think it’s a really neat idea; most of the time, the people that run the blogs you read are interested in a lot of the [...]

Errrm, Coldplay?

Okay, Viva la Vida is one of my favotite Coldplay songs of all time. I had it before the album was out. By play count alone, it’s number five in my iTunes library. The iTunes commercial they did for it was amazing. I must have watched it a million times when it first came out.

But [...]