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Monthly Archives: November, 2008

Well Played, Coldplay

Last time Coldplay released a video, I kinda said that it sucked… and since I really like Coldplay, I felt bad! They’ve recently released a new video for their song “Lovers in Japan” and it’s awesome. Really! I caught it about a week or two ago when it was free on iTunes (you have to [...]

Time Change

A quick converstation this morning between me and a guy I work with. Note: I was supposed to be in at six and I did indeed make it there at six.
Guy: This day is just dragging on. Probably ’cause I’ve been here since four.
Me: Four?? What were you doing here an hour early?
Guy: I forgot [...]

Time Capsule 2005

At the beginning of November 2005, I joined this website where you could create a time capsule of sorts to be sent to you a certain amount of time later. I filled mine out, and set it to three years; it would come to me at the end of October 2008, a date that seemed [...]