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Monthly Archives: January, 2009

Because You Left / The Lie

Okay, so the Lost premiere was amazing. I kind of have a funny story about that. See, I actually get Lost off iTunes; it’s the one TV show I buy because I always want to come back and see it again later, and I can’t get them … other places … fast enough. So I [...]

Inaguration 2009

Inaguration day. Yippee for America. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, guys, but I’m really not feeling it today. Perhaps it’s because I feel like our country has sold out. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to start proclaiming that Obama is the antichrist. I just don’t like his ideas, the way he does things, [...]

Haha… FAIL!

So “blog every day” has been officially removed from my 2009 resolutions. At this point, “blog every month” would be something to write home about.
I discovered a new show a week ago (and have already gobbled up every episode released, which is only 10, but still nerdy). It’s called “Fringe” and is written by J. [...]

Two Thousand Nine

Happy New Year! And Happy New Blog, too!
Last year I made two New Year’s resolutions, and it was the first time I seriously attempted this. The first was personal, but I’d like to say that it was a partial success. In fact… not a bad job.
The second one I did share last year, and it [...]