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Monthly Archives: March, 2009

The Magic is Gone

I got rid of my physical address book today, deciding instead to store all of that information in both my Gmail account and my phone (Blackberry FTW). While I was making sure I had all the stuff I needed, I kept swinging by Facebook to make sure I had everyone’s information up to date.
This led [...]

Day 5: Grace in Small Things

Trampolines. Not for jumping around on, per se. What I love best is lying on one late at night just totally chilling out. They’re so comfortable! Even if it is thirty five degrees!
Kuler. Seriously, how did I miss this site before?
Cats. Always huggable, even when they don’t want to be.
When jeans are suddenly way [...]

Day 4: Grace in Small Things

Cold Fronts. Yeah, I’m a weather nut. Anyhow, it’s only March and it was pushing 85 degrees already… so when it dropped back down to 39 earlier, it was a welcome change.
Waking up and being able to go back to sleep. I’m turning into a morning person (EGAD!), but today I said forget it… rolled [...]

Day 3: Grace in Small Things

Strawberry popsicles. I may be spoiled by Braum’s ice cream, but I can’t resist those cheap-y little popsicles. I’m not even sure what they’re called… but they’re about 50 cents a box and they’re almost sinful.
Impending thunderstorms. I love the feeling the world gets when a storm is coming. It’s kind of blustery and there’s [...]

Day 2: Grace in Small Things

Brand new books. Seriously, I love the way they smell! I like that almost as much as the smell of old (non-moldy, of course) books. Okay… I like books in general.
Getting out of town. To be honest, I don’t make it out of Shawnee too awful much any more. I went in to Norman last [...]