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Monthly Archives: July, 2009

Wow, remember Xanga?

I was talking to James yesterday and he told me that he had rediscovered xanga. I kind of mentally rolled my eyes at him; who needs that pre-myspace site when we (okay, so I) can have amazing and epic blogs of awesomeness? And Facebook??
I went back over there, just now. Yes, to xanga. To see [...]

Thank you, Hulu

Hulu recently added a desktop client, and it’s been my constant companion since the day it was announced. You may know that we don’t have TV in my house (well, we have three actual TV’s, one of which is in my room, but no cable or satellite or whatnot… just DVD players and such), and [...]

Full Name or Nickname

I was talking to a girl I work with today; we’ll call her Cassandra. She was telling me that someone we worked with had just called her “Cassie” instead of Cassandra.
“It wouldn’t be so weird if it was someone who I knew better,” she said. “Most everyone calls me Cassandra; it was just strange that [...]