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Day 06 → A photo that makes you happy

To be honest, the kind of photos that make me truly happy, like grinning ear-to-ear happy, aren’t exactly the ones that would mean anything to anyone else in the whole world. This is pretty much just on the basis of being intensely personal and would probably give away quite a few secrets I’m not particularly ready to share.

So instead, I’ll give you one of my favorite photos I’ve come across while existing on the Internet.

According to the photographer, this shot is angled very carefully so you can’t see the sand beyond the “horizon” here on this beach in Tel Aviv. Maybe it’s the fact that I know it was taken in Israel, maybe it’s just because this guy looks like he’s walking on water or in amongst the clouds… or maybe it’s because it evokes such a sense of calm inside. I don’t know. I just know I love this photo and it’s been sitting in my favorites for a very long time now.

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