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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

This is not a cop-out.

Pictures don’t make me happy or sad. I guess I’m not as much a visual person as I thought I was. Even the picture I posted two days ago makes me more content than happy. I’ve had this post page up for three hours now, trying to think of something, anything, that makes me angry or sad.

Pics just don’t do it for me. Now if you would have asked me for a song that makes me emotional in any way, it would have been super easy. Happy, sad, angry, motivated, angsty, lovesick, elated, anything. No problem.

Over two years ago, I asked the question would you rather be deaf or blind? Almost everyone that answered told me they would rather be deaf than blind, hands down. I was the odd one that would rather be blind, and this just confirms it. I couldn’t live without music and sound; it drives my very emotions, so much more than anything visual does. Which makes me question my love of design just a touch, but not overly so.

And on the subject, you should go watch It’s All Gone, Pete Tong (warning: British indie movie, drugs / sex / swearing ensues) which I saw just recently; it’s about a DJ who loses his hearing suddenly and makes me realize that I would go absolutely batshit-crazy without my ears!!

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