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Are You Okay?

I really hate when people feel sorry for me.
Today I was doing a bit of rampaging. There was a couple of things that were really bugging me, and I was getting through it by just putting my head down and working hard today and not letting anything else get to me. I had two people [...]

Disaster Area

For once, I got up on time today. I was out of bed by 4:15 (yes, a.m., I’m slowly becoming a morning person) and didn’t spend too much time zombie-ing around the house.
But at 5:15, when my boss picks me up (they both have issues with me walking in the dark, even though I love [...]

Medical Adventures

This is probably going to be pretty gross. Sorry. In advance.
So, just under a month ago, I was at work when I noticed that my left leg was a little swollen. It was a little red, and I had a bug bite that was bothering me, but it was nothing really unusual. Except for the [...]

The Magic is Gone

I got rid of my physical address book today, deciding instead to store all of that information in both my Gmail account and my phone (Blackberry FTW). While I was making sure I had all the stuff I needed, I kept swinging by Facebook to make sure I had everyone’s information up to date.
This led [...]

Inaguration 2009

Inaguration day. Yippee for America. Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, guys, but I’m really not feeling it today. Perhaps it’s because I feel like our country has sold out. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to start proclaiming that Obama is the antichrist. I just don’t like his ideas, the way he does things, [...]