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I came across a blogging event yesterday called Bloggiesta… a 48-hour period in which you pretty much overhaul your blog. You can clean things up, change the layout, reorganize, write advance posts, or even just work on your social networking sites (facebook, twitter) and so forth.
The date is Friday, June 19th beginning at 8am, Saturday [...]

Day 5: Grace in Small Things

Trampolines. Not for jumping around on, per se. What I love best is lying on one late at night just totally chilling out. They’re so comfortable! Even if it is thirty five degrees!
Kuler. Seriously, how did I miss this site before?
Cats. Always huggable, even when they don’t want to be.
When jeans are suddenly way [...]

Best of August 2008

I’ve noticed this as a recent trend that really seems to go along with the whole web 2.0 social thing, and that’s the “link roundup” or “best of” posts. I think it’s a really neat idea; most of the time, the people that run the blogs you read are interested in a lot of the [...]

Phase and Other Loves

I’m not a big gamer. I don’t play World of Warcraft or Halo. I don’t have a Wii or an Xbox. I don’t speak 1337 and I don’t usually “pwn” people (much…). I’m actually much more easily satisfied. I get games for my iPod and entertain myself for hours.
I just got this game that came [...]

Modesty Survey

I’m sure you’ve heard of Josh Harris, the guy that wrote the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” book. His two younger brothers have started a website and forum called The Rebelution. They’ve got this survey, put together by believers (girls, in fact), all about what’s modest and what’s not… and what guys actually consider stumbling blocks. [...]