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Welcome to the 21st Century

This year for Father’s day, we got my dad an iPod shuffle… you know, just one of those little, fifty dollar, 1 Gig clip-on things. And of course, it being my dad, we also provided him with lights and tools and other “daddy” toys. Usually, he’s excited by the tools and the gadgets. This year [...]

Oklahoma Culture

We’ve all seen the ladies who have either plucked out their eyebrows (for whatever insane reason) or had them fall out, only to paint them back on using some form of makeup.
Weird, but acceptable, I guess.
But here in Oklahoma, we not only do that during breakfast (in public, by the way), but we use a [...]

Youtube find: Jar of Dirt

For any of you who particularly enjoyed POTC2… here’s a completely random youtube find. Jack Sparrow can sing!

Of Typos and Thunderstorms

This guy came in to Braum’s today… big guy, came to get ice cream. He’s wearing one of those t-shirts with a catchy saying on it. Everyone’s seen them. This one absolutely made me laugh. This is EXACTLY what it said:
Stupidity is not a crime.
Your free to go.
Please, please, tell me that I’m not the [...]

Early In the Morning…

Yeah, it’s currently after midnight, and guess what I’m doing? I’m filling up with Dr. Pepper (really, the only caffienated drink I like because I don’t like coffee) and working on this ringbearer’s pillow. Tomorrow is Nikki’s wedding and I’m now doing the pillow that I pretty much had most of this week to do.
Oh, [...]