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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

This is not a cop-out.
Pictures don’t make me happy or sad. I guess I’m not as much a visual person as I thought I was. Even the picture I posted two days ago makes me more content than happy. I’ve had this post page up for three hours now, trying to think of something, anything, [...]

Wow, remember Xanga?

I was talking to James yesterday and he told me that he had rediscovered xanga. I kind of mentally rolled my eyes at him; who needs that pre-myspace site when we (okay, so I) can have amazing and epic blogs of awesomeness? And Facebook??
I went back over there, just now. Yes, to xanga. To see [...]

Full Name or Nickname

I was talking to a girl I work with today; we’ll call her Cassandra. She was telling me that someone we worked with had just called her “Cassie” instead of Cassandra.
“It wouldn’t be so weird if it was someone who I knew better,” she said. “Most everyone calls me Cassandra; it was just strange that [...]

The Magic is Gone

I got rid of my physical address book today, deciding instead to store all of that information in both my Gmail account and my phone (Blackberry FTW). While I was making sure I had all the stuff I needed, I kept swinging by Facebook to make sure I had everyone’s information up to date.
This led [...]

Two Thousand Nine

Happy New Year! And Happy New Blog, too!
Last year I made two New Year’s resolutions, and it was the first time I seriously attempted this. The first was personal, but I’d like to say that it was a partial success. In fact… not a bad job.
The second one I did share last year, and it [...]