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A couple of months ago, we found out that my dad’s mother had cancer. Maybe it was longer ago than that. We’re not too close with my dad’s side of the family, and we don’t hear from them as often as we hear from Dearma (Mom’s mom), but still, it is my grandmother. About two [...]


This may be just completely me.
I’ve found a lot in my life that it’s hard to connect to people, more than just a “hi, how are you,” unless you share something that makes you vulnerable. Especially girls. I remember back in middle school that the one point when I felt I really connected with someone, [...]

What I’m Thankful For

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family has a time-honored tradition. Before we start eating, and after we say a prayer, we go around the table and everyone has to say one thing they’re thankful for. It can be anything… from family to a new job to the Care Bear they received earlier that day (that [...]

Searching for a Name

Hey! New theme! That was pretty much for the benefit of the, like, three people who are subscribed through a feedreader. I’m proud of myself just for actually finishing the dang thing. It’s not hard… it’s just finding the time to sit down and do it.
Question: If you could name this theme anything at all, [...]

Forgive and Let Live

Thinking about a redesign as soon as I get all of this dad-blasted writing stuff up on the site. However, I’ve become too picky for my own good and can’t find many more free themes that I like. I put so much time into themes for my other site and such that I tend to [...]