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Brave New Me

The last time I went to an amusement park, it was Hershey, and I was about thirteen. It was a school field trip (thank you, whoever linked roller coasters with physics!!), and I was completely a party pooper. I rode exactly two roller coasters: the Trailblazer (turn your sound down, people are screaming like idiots) [...]

Yet Another Revamp

Surprise! What do you think? Not only did I completely overhaul the layout into something completely different (and more colorful, I’ll never go greyscale again), but I’ve done a lot of rearranging and rewriting. I’ve really been neglecting my site as of late, and I hate that! So I’ve got some plans, already have made [...]

11 of my Favorite Designs

Now, I should clarify… every last one of these is mine. A bit narcissistic I’m sure, but for a good cause. I’ve been trying to break through this mental block and come up with a new, magical design for this blog here. Once I get this block out of the way I feel like I’ll [...]

There are Ghost Towns in the Oceans

Having a little bit of fun with a newer version of Photoshop (yay!), and listening to my new Coldplay CD (I promise, I’m not completely obsessed with Coldplay!), I came up with this little manipulation. It’s not much, not very polished, but I like the look of it.

The lyrics, by the way, are from Cemetaries [...]

Try Not To Fall Over

… but is up and running again! Sparkly new theme (yeah, this one is one of my own designs), and kind of a different format. You’ll see what I mean if you stick around, right?