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Time Change

A quick converstation this morning between me and a guy I work with. Note: I was supposed to be in at six and I did indeed make it there at six.
Guy: This day is just dragging on. Probably ’cause I’ve been here since four.
Me: Four?? What were you doing here an hour early?
Guy: I forgot [...]

Vista 101

Yesterday I gained a new member of the family. Yes, a dear member of the family will be passing on, and I now have his shiny new replacement. In non-geek speak… I got a new computer.
In all fairness, the old laptop is now going to Tegan (my younger sister). and it was a loyal help [...]

Welcome to the 21st Century

This year for Father’s day, we got my dad an iPod shuffle… you know, just one of those little, fifty dollar, 1 Gig clip-on things. And of course, it being my dad, we also provided him with lights and tools and other “daddy” toys. Usually, he’s excited by the tools and the gadgets. This year [...]

Phase and Other Loves

I’m not a big gamer. I don’t play World of Warcraft or Halo. I don’t have a Wii or an Xbox. I don’t speak 1337 and I don’t usually “pwn” people (much…). I’m actually much more easily satisfied. I get games for my iPod and entertain myself for hours.
I just got this game that came [...]

Darn Productivity!!

So yesterday, I was so proud of myself for clearing up half of my hard drive, right? Huh. Not anymore. Well, kind of.
One of the problems I found was my iTunes music. When I had transferred all of my music to my external drive, I didn’t delete my old music files from my first drive [...]