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Day 07 → Happy Birthday To Me

Today is a “whatever tickles your fancy” listing, so I thought I’d tell you about my birthday real quick. Oh yeah. Today is my birthday! I’m newly twenty three. A good friend told me today that after 21, birthdays just start blending together, and by 30, you start to avoid them, so I’m determined to [...]

Not So Cool Anymore

Tomorrow’s Tegan’s birthday (so if you’re in contact with her, tell her happy birthday!), and we’re not really doing too much this year, so I took her and her best friend Leigh roller-skating.
It’s been a while since I’ve been skating (and it’s something I love to do and could probably do it in my sleep). [...]

Happy Birthday

Today’s my 21st birthday… but I’m not doing much for it. I’ve got a day off work and I’m going to go hang out at the Apple store in the city while Tegan gets new glasses (nerd!), but no, I’m not going drinking. Sorry to disappoint!

Portfolios and Promotions

I spent some time on my portfolio the other day, and I think I’ve got it into something presentable. I’ve only got web design stuff up so far, and the writing I already had, but still, that’s better than nothing!
This stupid site is starting to come together.
In other, non-related news, there’s another possibility for that [...]


Bet you didn’t know my cat was pregnant again, did you? Well, now you know. Ooh, wait! Now she’s not.
Last night, around nine o’clock, she started meowing a lot and rushing the dogs… attacking them for no reason at all. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight and just seemed restless.
By midnight, we had [...]