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Day 07 → Happy Birthday To Me

Today is a “whatever tickles your fancy” listing, so I thought I’d tell you about my birthday real quick. Oh yeah. Today is my birthday! I’m newly twenty three. A good friend told me today that after 21, birthdays just start blending together, and by 30, you start to avoid them, so I’m determined to [...]

Time Capsule 2005

At the beginning of November 2005, I joined this website where you could create a time capsule of sorts to be sent to you a certain amount of time later. I filled mine out, and set it to three years; it would come to me at the end of October 2008, a date that seemed [...]


This may be just completely me.
I’ve found a lot in my life that it’s hard to connect to people, more than just a “hi, how are you,” unless you share something that makes you vulnerable. Especially girls. I remember back in middle school that the one point when I felt I really connected with someone, [...]

What I’m Thankful For

Every year on Thanksgiving, my family has a time-honored tradition. Before we start eating, and after we say a prayer, we go around the table and everyone has to say one thing they’re thankful for. It can be anything… from family to a new job to the Care Bear they received earlier that day (that [...]

Life is WAY too short!

I’ve been getting this message from a million different directions recently… that life is too short for all the crap we’ve got going on. One of my closest friends could have died very recently in a car accident, and everything she’s been saying since has confirmed this. One little thing in your life could go [...]