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Day 06 → A photo that makes you happy

To be honest, the kind of photos that make me truly happy, like grinning ear-to-ear happy, aren’t exactly the ones that would mean anything to anyone else in the whole world. This is pretty much just on the basis of being intensely personal and would probably give away quite a few secrets I’m not particularly [...]


I came across a blogging event yesterday called Bloggiesta… a 48-hour period in which you pretty much overhaul your blog. You can clean things up, change the layout, reorganize, write advance posts, or even just work on your social networking sites (facebook, twitter) and so forth.
The date is Friday, June 19th beginning at 8am, Saturday [...]

Life is WAY too short!

I’ve been getting this message from a million different directions recently… that life is too short for all the crap we’ve got going on. One of my closest friends could have died very recently in a car accident, and everything she’s been saying since has confirmed this. One little thing in your life could go [...]


My friend James and his dad are hosting a tour to Israel in Spring 2009, and they invited me. My first reaction was “Oh, yay! I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, ever since I was old enough to realize it was a real place!”
And honestly, for just over a week in Israel, the price [...]

According to Jessyca…

I’m neglecting my ‘fans’. Am I neglecting fans? It’s because life tends to be crazy in all of the wrong ways.
Quick rundown.
I may be going to Israel in 2007, but reality has hit and I remembered real life things like college. I’m going to Chelsy’s house this weekend, but I haven’t confirmed it yet with [...]