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Day 06 → A photo that makes you happy

To be honest, the kind of photos that make me truly happy, like grinning ear-to-ear happy, aren’t exactly the ones that would mean anything to anyone else in the whole world. This is pretty much just on the basis of being intensely personal and would probably give away quite a few secrets I’m not particularly [...]

Guess what I’ve got!

I’ve got a brand new digital camera. It’s a Kodak Easyshare, 6.1MP, and it’s quite a nice improvement from my broken $20 WalMart knock-off.
Pictures of all kinds, I suspect, shall be coming soon. YAY!

You guys hate me

Why? Cause I’m changing the layout up… again. It’s going to be better than ever before, I PROMISE you… and then I’ll leave it alone for a while.
For my, errmm, four faithful readers. I have to get more people to read! HA.
So be on the lookout. OH yes, and I’m back!! And on the last [...]